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From small to big, we can look after all your business security needs.


To give our clients peace of mind, our state of the art monitoring centre operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When an alarm system that has back to base monitoring is activated by tampering, intrusion or power failure, a signal is sent directly to the Rage Security National Monitoring Centre. The signal is received as an urgent priority by our experienced monitoring centre operators and actioned immediately.


When you initially setup you alarm monitoring with Rage, you can speak to one of our trained monitoring centre operators and plan the response you wish to be taken. Your plan can include:


1. Calling you or a designated member
    of your company directly
2. Phoning your home
3. Sending the Police or Ambulance Service
4. Sending out a Guard Patrol


Whether you have an existing alarm system or you are planning to install one, alarm monitoring can be set up to automatically alert our Monitoring Centre when access has been breached. 


The demand for alarms to be monitored is increasing as false or repeated alarm activations in office buildings has lead to alarms being ignored.

Once a person from a neighbouring business has reacted to a distress signal and found that it was a false alarm, they are unlikely to react if the alarm goes off a second or third time.


Rather than chance an alarm activation going unnoticed, more businesses are now choosing to have their alarms monitored. It is also generally a requirement of your insurer that you have an operating monitored security alarm.


THE NBN (National Broadband Network)

The NBN roll out across Australia will require owners of monitored alarm systems to confirm compatibility with their supplier. Rage offers sales, support and of course monitoring of alarm systems using hardware compatible with the NBN, or in cases where there is no traditional phone line.

Where a higher level of alarm monitoring is desired (or required by insurers), Rage offer the latest in Dual Path alarm communicators. The polled communicator is designed to alert the monitoring centre in the event of tampering with the alarm system communication path. This ensures that situations such as a cut telephone line do not interrupt the communication being sent to the alarm monitoring centre from your alarm system.

Alarm Monitoring
Alarm Systems

An alarm system, also known as a burglar alarm or intruder alert system, is designed to warn you of an attempt to break into your business and to deter burglars and intruders from entering a property. The alarm system is activated when access to premises, a room or an area or has been breached and an attempt to gain entry to your premises is made.


In terms of deterrence, it's all about layers when it comes to security. You need to consider Electronic Security (alarms, access control, CCTV), Mechanical Security (Locks, bars, grills), adequate Security Signage and Security Manpower (Security guards
and guard patrols) when looking to dete
rmine a security solution.


It is much less likely that an intruder would select a premises or office that displays adequate security protection and signage as opposed to one that doesn't. Considering all options to secure your premises can save you time, money and and a lot of hassle in the long term.



We create tailored security solutions for your business by developing a clear understanding of your security needs, and selecting the most appropriate security alarms and security systems to meet these needs. 


We use a structured briefing and feedback system to capture the relevant information needed to design the right security system for a client’s business.

Our young and enthusiastic customer service team is picked from the very best technicians and is supported by the latest technology; sourced from the world’s leading security system manufacturers.

Different building structures (and business circumstances) require different types of security alarm systems and either a wireless or hardwired alarm system can be installed. The majority of security alarm systems are hard-wired, though a wireless alarm is ideal in locations that may be difficult to hard-wire or where portability is essential - such as in a rental or lease property.


Rage Security and Australian Standards

All alarms installed by our Rage Security qualified technicians are certified to the Australian Standard AS2201. 

All our installations are conducted in order to comply with the following:

BCA Building Code of Australia
AS2201.1 Intruder Alarm Systems
AS2201.3 Internal Detection Devices
AS2201.5 Alarm Transmission Systems
AS2201.2 Monitoring Centres
AS2201.4 Wire Free Systems


For more information on Safety Standards go to Standards Australia or SAI Global


Access Control Systems help to ensure the safety of your employees, your business and your assets. An Access Control System allows you to permit or prohibit access to different areas of your premises with access cards (also known as swipe cards or proximity cards). An access control system is an integral part of a good electronic security solution.

All employees are issued with an access card which they are required to swipe against a card reader in order to gain entry. This card determines whether or not the individual has access privileges to a particular area of the building or part of the business. Access to these areas can be via an entry point such as a door, gate, lift, turnstile, barrier, disabled access, car park boom gate, and a variety of other access points.

If someone walks in off the street without an access card, they will not be able to enter the building. If an employee’s card is not coded to permit access into a particular area such as a cash room, HR office, Financial Directors office, or any area where sensitive company information is held, their proximity card will not permit entry.

Access Control
Guards & Patrols

Our Mobile Security Patrols can ensure that your premises are secure and check that there is no unusual activity in the area. They can provide a lock-up and open service, alarm response, staff escort service, and conduct external and internal after-hours security inspections. 


The Static Guard Service we offer can remain on-site at your premises from close of business until opening the following morning. They will guard the building and perform security checks and inspections on the perimeter of the property and external doors and windows.


Keep things civilised and under control at your next function. Avoid gate-crashers ruining your party & venue by hiring a security guard. Our Security Guards can provide a professional front and ensure that only invited guests are allowed into the function. The guards are there to assist in making your event run smoothly.

Hotel Security Concierge can be contracted to secure the entrance of the building. Generally, they are situated in the Lobby or Foyer of a building and are in charge of controlling entries.


There is an extensive range of cameras & CCTV systems designed to increase the level of security for a business. By understanding your overall security needs we can select the most appropriate back to base camera system for the task at hand and the budget available.


All cameras are installed within the guidelines of the relevant Australian Standards and our trained security consultants and representatives will ensure that you are informed of, and comply with the CCTV code of practice.

We supply a range of different cameras to suit different purposes and environments such as:

IP Cameras

Analogue Cameras

Day and Night Cameras 

Full Body Cameras 

Dome Cameras 

Infrared LED Cameras 

Infrared Sensitive Cameras 

Pinhole Miniature and Concealed Cameras 

UFO & Bullet Style Cameras  

Security Cameras

When a visitor wishes to enter to your premises they are required to press a button in order to request entry. Just like a door bell, the button activates a chime or phone ring to alert you that someone wishes to enter the building.
The intercom system will allow you to either speak and, if it's a video intercom, view the person via a receiver and screen. You are then able to permit entry by pressing a button that will unlock the gate or door. If you wish to deny the visitor access, the gate or door will remain locked.
The intercom can be integrated into your current security system or setup as a stand-alone security item.

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